Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Book Review extravaganzas

Kia Ora Blogging World,

Term Four is upon us.  There is so much for us to fit into this last term of learning for the year.  For the first few weeks of this term, we have been working on book reviews.  Our teachers have helped us to choose a range of interesting novels which we have read and then reviewed.  Over the past couple of weeks, we have reviews parts of these on our individual blogs and uploaded the finished products. There is a link to the template on our reading page here.

Once we had our reviews finished we had the chance to create mixed groups to find out about how our classmates went and what they thought of their novels. We shared our successes, our work areas to work on and whether we would recommend this to our buddies. We shared the presentations digitally so our buddies could then give us positive, thoughtful and helpful feedback through comments. The tasks were challenging and helped us build a deeper understanding of our novel.

 Please check out the individual blogs linked on the side of the page to find out more of what our learners thought too.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Vector ePro8 challengers

Kia Ora blogging world,

It has been a really STEM focused week at Waikowhai for some of our senior students. As you would have seen from the previous post we had our science show in at school on Monday.  Then, on Friday, four senior students formed the "Waikowhai LIMOs" team (ask us where our name came from in the comments) and took part in the Vector ePro8 challenge at Mount Roskill on Friday for the first time.  The challenge involves engineering (the e), problem solving (the pro) and innovating to create a solution (the 8).
Our team in front of the impressive work station.

Eleven different teams participated in the challenge which ran for two and a half hours. It was heaps of fun and we managed to come third in our heat. This means we will be heading off to the semifinals later in the year where we will try to qualify for the grand finals.

One of our creations through the day
It was an awesome experience as we got to use lots of materials that we wouldn't normally have at school. If you would like to find out more you can check out the Vector ePro8 website.

Third place, bring on the semifinals!a

We would love some feedback. Please share positive, thoughtful and helpful comments in the box below.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The crazy, magical world of science.

When was the last time you found yourself entertained, enthralled, amazed and awestruck all in the space of an hour? For Waikowhai Primary School, that last time was just this morning.

The crazy, magical world of science show stopped into our school hall this morning for a show. What a fantastic way to start our week. During the show we were treated to magic tricks (which are often illusions involving more than just a bit of science), handmade fireworks, a mini-blowtorch, water powered rockets, levitating ping pong balls and more.

We were challenged to make predictions, to think about our observations and share and build on our knowledge in a fun way, while being entertained by the mad scientist. The highlight for me was seeing Abby blast a model earth into orbit using a super leaf blower.

When back in class, still buzzing and wondering more about the world we all decided to share our wonderings and learning in individual blog posts. Please click on the links at the side of the page to read more about what the students from Manukau took away from this show personally.

If you have been treated to this show before, please connect with us in the comments.  If you haven't and you are wondering more please ask us questions in the comment box.  Either way, we would love to hear from you.  We hope you enjoy the videos that show some of the things we enjoyed.

Blog you later.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Fledgling Bloggers - We love to share

This term we have a group of students new to Te Waka Ako (our classroom) and new to blogging.   We have been learning heaps of different cybersmart skills over a very short time.  Part of this has been our focus on sharing our learning. We have been working on putting together some of the things we have created.  Here are some of our first attempts at sharing.  We would love any feedback you can give us on the activities that are here.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 5 - Skip Camp

In Week 5 the Year 5 and 6 students from Waikowhai Primary travelled to Mount Ruapehu for our ski camp.  We were away from school from early Tuesday morning until late Friday evening and we had a fantastic time.

Our first day was mostly travel. This involved stops at Hamilton Gardens for a scavenger hunt, tin Otorohanga to investigate the Sir Edmund Hillary walkway, Taumarunui school for a stretch of our legs and afternoon tea, then we got to our accomodation.  It was freezing and after a delicious dinner we went for an evening walk.

Wednesday and Thursday were our days on the mountain.  The first day was full of challenges and extremely hot but we got there.  The second day we put our skills to use and improved heaps.

Friday was our trip back, we left early for a hot soak in Taupo, then a quick stop to view the powerful Huka falls before travelling back to Auckland via another Hamilton Garden stop.

To find out what we thought about our trip check out our individual blogs.  We have posted a camp booklet each that shares our reflections and the things that happened. There are some of these in the post.

We would to hear what you think about our camp experience too, maybe you could share some of the things that you have been on.