Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sharing our Sharing

Week Four was an exciting and extremely busy week for Room 8!

 On Monday we had our normal cybersmart session with James, then joined up with the senior syndicate for the different aspects of production rehearsal in the afternoon.  Tuesday saw a selection of us out representing Waikowhai at tackle and ripper rugby.  On Wednesday we rotated our way around the hall in Gymnastics.  Some Year 6's investigated the Waikowhai Intermediate Day while some Year 5s helped out with the Spark Volunteer day by pitching in to beautify our school.  Finally on Friday we had students participate in our local community panel.

On top of these activities we managed to compile and share our learning at our assembly on Friday.  You will see the wonderful things we have working on embedded in our Google slide. Check out what we have been doing and please leave us a comment if you want to find out about anything we have shared or any of the activities above.  We love your feedback!


  1. Kia Ora Room Eight! What a fabulous week of learning, and you ended the week with a superb assembly, thank you. I enjoyed listening to your music introduction, I hope this is a taster of the fabulous work you've been doing towards the production. Everyone worked hard in the rehearsal on Monday, whether it was as part of the cast, musical group, dance group, lighting and sound crew, or backstage support. Ka Pai Y5/6.

  2. Wow Room 8 You guys have a wonderful assembly for the day I personally loved learning all about the sugar and the math statistics you guys have been working very hard keep up the great work


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  4. Hello i like your slide and hope you all done well keep it up room 8
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