Saturday, September 17, 2016

Week 7 - Tongan Language Week

Malo e lelei,

Week 7 was Tongan Language week and we celebrated this in a number of ways at school.  As part of our oral language work we got together in buddies and had a go at using some of the following phrases.

Ko hai ho Hingoa? What is your name?

Ko hoku hingoa ko...  My name is...

Fefe hake? How are you?

E meiaki au.. I am fine, thank you...

We also developed some tapa cloth designs to hang in our class using symbols, patterns and some aspects of Math and symmetry.

Finally, we had a small celebration on Friday afternoon before lunch where some boys from the senior syndicate joined in with dance and also shared a special song with us.  It was great to see the teachers dressed by some of our Tongan Mums on this day too.