Monday, September 4, 2017

Fledgling Bloggers - We love to share

This term we have a group of students new to Te Waka Ako (our classroom) and new to blogging.   We have been learning heaps of different cybersmart skills over a very short time.  Part of this has been our focus on sharing our learning. We have been working on putting together some of the things we have created.  Here are some of our first attempts at sharing.  We would love any feedback you can give us on the activities that are here.


  1. Hello Manukau! This comment is especially to Coco but it is also for Manukau. Hello Coco! I'm Hilary from Hauraki, in Te Waka Ako from Waikowhai Primary School. I think you are improving so well in your English! And you also learnt so many different skills on the computer like word art, images and typing. But... you could work on CAPITAL letters at the start of a sentence and also for a place, noun or name. You might also want to check your spacing after full stops, punctuation and grammar.
    But other wise... It was awesome!!!!!!
    My blog link is: as you might know.
    blog ya later!

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  3. Hi my name is marwa. I really like what you have done but maybe next time you should make your sentens right and cheek with someone.

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  5. Hey there Room 8, it is me, JD.
    Just letting you know that was a cool slide show.
    I think Torian and Jia's one was the one I like the most.
    It was so cool because they used lots of action in their work. Bye.