Saturday, September 16, 2017

Vector ePro8 challengers

Kia Ora blogging world,

It has been a really STEM focused week at Waikowhai for some of our senior students. As you would have seen from the previous post we had our science show in at school on Monday.  Then, on Friday, four senior students formed the "Waikowhai LIMOs" team (ask us where our name came from in the comments) and took part in the Vector ePro8 challenge at Mount Roskill on Friday for the first time.  The challenge involves engineering (the e), problem solving (the pro) and innovating to create a solution (the 8).
Our team in front of the impressive work station.

Eleven different teams participated in the challenge which ran for two and a half hours. It was heaps of fun and we managed to come third in our heat. This means we will be heading off to the semifinals later in the year where we will try to qualify for the grand finals.

One of our creations through the day
It was an awesome experience as we got to use lots of materials that we wouldn't normally have at school. If you would like to find out more you can check out the Vector ePro8 website.

Third place, bring on the semifinals!a

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  1. Hi. My name is Sinead from paroa school. I really what you did and you put a lot of creativity and effort in it. One question, where did the name come from? To visit my blog, go to Bye!

  2. Kia ora STEM learners at Waikowhai,
    It looks like you have had an incredible experience at EPro8. CONGRATULATIONS on getting third place in your heat and best of luck for the next round! How did you come up with your team name - LIMO? I am wondering if it is the first letter of each of your names.... Your thunder design looks pretty creative - did you work together well as a team? Is there anything you can do in preparation for the next round?

  3. Waikowhai,i like your invention or if its an invention well it is so creative it has fans it has wheels to go with