Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu, Getting to know you.

This year we are looking forward to making new connections through the Tuhi Mai, Tuhi Atu blogging group.  As a class, we have made a simple google drawing to introduce ourselves to the students and readers of our blog who we will be connecting with.

It is important that we are cybersmart when sharing information.  Please have a look through this presentation and make a connection with us by leaving a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment.  You might also like to explore our individual blogs. At the moment it is just our Year 6s with individual blogs but the Year 5s will contribute to their ones later in the year.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.


  1. Kia ora, Manukau.
    I've discovered lots about you all from your slide show. I wish I had Torian's talent for staying up late and still getting up at a reasonable hour! Many of you have inspired me to check out some new books and music, too.
    I love the way you found images to emphasise your words. A helpful hint might be to check that your background doesn't make your words or images hard to see.
    Keep up the great work.
    Mrs McLellan

  2. Malo lelei Manukau
    I have loved going through your presentation and learning about each and everyone of of you students. All the best for your year at Waikowhai Primary.

  3. Hi I am Sophie from Awahono School. I like your slide Amaya because the background has very nice shades of blue. I play netball for Grey Valley. What team do you play for?

  4. Hi I am Isabel from, Awahono School. I like your slide, Rio, it is really colourful. Maybe you could make the letters bigger because I could not see the words that well. Apart from that everything was good.

  5. Hi, my name is Jake from Awahono School. I really like your slide, Jordan and how you give everyone lots of information about yourself. I like Jordan's slide because I watch the rugby every Saturday night!

  6. Hi I am Tane from Awahono School. I like the slide show all about me. I also like the slide show because of the colours.

  7. Hi Waikowhai School, I'm Miro from Awahono School. I like your slideshow about yourselves because that slides tell me heaps about everybody and what they like. I hope that you can put on some more on the last two slides.

  8. Hi i'm Pawanpreet and i like your all about me poster's they are very cool and very nice . It was nice to meat your blog.

  9. Hello Waikowhai School, I'm Deakyn from Awahono School. This slideshow really caught my eye by the colour and detail the students put into this. You could maybe tell your students to put their own individual slide on their own blog. You could maybe next time add a title slide. I love this slideshow about your students and what they like to do with their lives, and what their favourite things are. On some slides I cannot read everything because they are different coloured letters. I realised on Callum's slideshow his picture is a little squished up and is hard to see. I also have a question for Jaeda. Why did you put images around your face? I hope your class can see our school blog.
    Kind Regards

  10. Kia Ora Waikowhai School or Manuka class. Ko Samicia toku ingoa. No Kaikohe West te Kura.

    I really like the way you guys all explained about yourself like for example how Aahana said what her favourite Food,Book,Singer,Sport and what her birthday month was.
    I really like the way you guys did it but next time I think you should try out different fonts,change font colours and add border colours around you pictures.
    Look forward to seeing more work.

    If you want to see y learning here is the link to my blog:

    Nga Mihi