Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bigfoot Bike Adventures and more...

Our first five day week of the year has been jam packed with loads of things happening.  On Monday we welcomed James into Room 8 for our first cyber smart lesson.  After a quick password recap, we explored the fantastic screencastify app and began to use this as a tool for recording ourselves and teacher others some of the tips and tricks we have already picked up with our chromebooks.  This really set us up well of the two Kawa of Care parent sessions we had on Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon. We got to share our learning with our parents and after one more session the chromebooks will start to go home, how exciting...

The senior syndicate showing our fantastic families our learning so far...

We also spent part of Monday and Tuesday engaging in some cycle safety work and practicals with Courtenay and Craig from Bigfoot Adventures.  Our highlight was definitely getting to show off our skills outside on bikes and develop more road awareness.
Safety first 
Ready to ride
The perfect way to signal a turn

Unfortunately the wet weather came in at the end of the week and our annual trip to Cornwallis has been postponed for a fortnight.  However, this means we have another thing to look forward to and another busy week ahead with our upcoming Community Barbecue and Umu night.


  1. What a great start to the year Room 8. I really enjoyed seeing so many of your parents at the first chrome book meeting last week and I'm looking forward to reading your blogs as the term goes on. Keep up the great learning everyone!

  2. It's been a fabulous first few weeks Room 8! I was really impressed with the way you demonstrated our school code of conduct when I was teaching you the other morning - you showed RESPECT by actively listening to each other. Thanks for all the tips from those of you in R8 who have shown me how to use Chrome books effectively. I'm looking forward to following your learning on your class blog. Check my blog out tomorrow to see pictures of yourselves preparing for the community barbecue!

  3. What a great first few weeks - I hope the weather holds do we can make the beach trip this Friday! :-)

  4. I love your working room 8 i wish we could ride bikes again.
    such good work

  5. I like your class blog room 8 it looks awsome!!

  6. Hi R8 love your blog check ours out.Thank you for sharing your progresive biking with us on your blog keep it up.

  7. It looks like so much fun in room 8 i wish i could be in room 8 keep up your good skills on bikes and in the classroom.

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  9. Kia ora room 8 well done on your build your wild self's love the out of the box day, it must of been so fun opening your new chromebooks, kind regards Triston.