Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 5 - Cornwallis

On Friday the 4th of March the entire Waikowhai Primary and students ventured out to Cornwallis Beach for the annual community event.  After it had been postponed for two weeks because of less than ideal weather, we were greeted with a stunning day.

We split off into our four house groups "Tui, Ruru, Pukeko and Kea" for a day of swimming, sand sculpture and bonding with other friends and family across the school.  

The following Monday we came together to write about our experiences, here are some of the ideas from Room 8 members.

Dorothy felt 'Excited and crazy because I knew that ,that day would be incredibly fun and chaotic. Relaxed in the nice water with some of my friends.'

Lily described Cornwallis Beach beautifully "Shinny blue water shimmering in the spot light. Black sparkly sand burning my feet .Red,Yellow,Green and Blue taking over the beach.Birds speaking we want your food!"

Ricky had a great time and described his favourite parts as "The best part of the trip was the sand sculpture competition and and swimming because we picked up shells and water fights and we also used a lot of teamwork in the sand sculpture competition."

Overall, The day was a massive success and we are looking forward to visiting again next year.

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