Monday, March 21, 2016

The days of the week

Room 8 have been very lucky to have Mrs Jones in class once a week.  As part of this she has been supporting us with the learning of Te Reo Maori.  Earlier in the term we investigated pepehas and how we introduce ourselves.  Kieren did a super job of this and with the support of his family at home created this masterpiece.

We have also been using the 'Learn-Create-Share' model in class.  We were learning about the names for the days of the week and where these names came from.  Our next step was to use our new skills to create a presentation showing the days of the week.  This was our first real collaborative creation for the year. Once we were buddied we combined our skills to create an engaging presentation.  Now we are using the class blog as a chance to share some of these presentations.

Following this, we are going to learn more about the months of the year to see if we can create a calendar using our new learning and our measurement and time skills too.


  1. Kieren, it was wonderful to read through your Pepeha slideshow, thank you for sharing this.
    Tayeb, Ivan, Lily, Safa and Kyana - through the sharing of your presentations, you have taught me something this evening. I had no idea about the origins of the names for days of the week. Great job with your learn-create-share model!

  2. Ki ora Room 8,
    I like the way that you have displayed your work and learning about where your name comes from must be fun. My class and I have also been learning Te Reo and we have learnt how to greet each other and also ask questions. If you would like to see my blog, please visit here -