Friday, May 6, 2016

Week One - Term Two - Tuhi Mai, Tuhi Atu Introduction

We have been very excited to be back to learning this week.  This term we are going to be focusing more on sharing more of our learning digitally using our class blog and looking to create our own blogs too.

We are really looking forward to joining three other classes in a special blogging group to make more connections around the country.  It will give us a chance to share and comment on our own, and other people's learning too.

Mr Riceman asked us to create a slide to introduce ourselves too and we are embedding this below as a way to introduce ourselves.  It was important that we were thinking about being cybersmart and were thinking about copyright when we created these.

Have fun reading.


  1. Kia ora Room 8,

    Wow, what a great presentation that shows me so much about you as individuals. I can't wait to work with you tomorrow and get to know you a bit better. Have you seen the presentation like this on my class blog? Here is the link if you want to take a look.

    See you tomorrow!
    Mrs Archer

  2. Bonjour,Well done on your Room 8 Class slide i enjoyed everyone's slide! I wish everyone Had writing insted of just pictures?
    Thank you

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  4. Hi I love the way you have a great a blog
    Bye from Khatizah and i really want to see more photos!
    And you are a good commenting

  5. Hi I love all the details and pictures how did you get all the gifs.
    from jack

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  7. Hey, so far so good on our blog.We really have work hard on our blog!

  8. WOW Room 8, I have just had a peek through your slides - FANTASTIC!
    What clever cookies you are.
    I wish I was in Room 8 to have the chance to do this amazing learning!

  9. Hi Rm 8,
    My name is Lanu, I am from, Hay park School,
    I like how you all talked about what you like and whats your favourite colors, it is so amazing, I love to do some, But the feedback that I wanted to give you is, Please put the capital letter for your name, thanks that all, Bye bye.

    By Lanu

  10. Talofa lava Room 8,
    I really like this blog post. It's very interesting to see and learn new things about people. I made quite a few connections with some people. One of the connections I made was that I like music. Was it hard to express some of the embarrassing things about yourselves.
    If you would like to take a look at my blog here is the link

    Your sincerely Saunoa