Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 6 - Cybersmart

We have enjoyed having our weekly cybersmart lessons with James.  All of the content is available here on our class page.  To show how much we know about keeping our devices safe according to the Kawa of Care, we have been creating DLO's (Digital Learning Objects) that we could use to remind people about safe device care.  Here are some of our examples.

Super ideas from Max

Great use of contrast from Ricky 
We talked about sharing positive messages and turning "dont's" into suggestions because people, like use are much more likely to listen to suggested guidelines.  This type of thinking is something we have also used when we created our syndicate treaty.


  1. Hi room 8 I like the way you are showing how to looke after your chromebooke

  2. Hi I like the way how you have made it easier to see your writing with yellow on black.You have added pictures relevant to the writing.
    From Max