Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Global connections - why are we here?

Today with James (our cybersmart teacher), we continued our work with google maps.  Below you will see an embedded map that shows where each of the students (and teachers) in our senior syndicate were born.  This was our starting point for some discussion questions and some of the tools in Google Maps.

You will find the discussion questions here on our class cybersmart page.  We then discussed our thoughts and feelings about these on our individual blogs (see the sidebar for more).

Following this James really challenged our thinking with the following video.
The Lie from Untitled Productions on Vimeo.

We watched, we absorbed, then we posted our thoughts about this.  Be sure to check these on our individual blogs.  We would love it if you posted a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment below.  How does this make you feel?  Is your class or workplace similar to our classroom?


  1. This is interesting R8, especially when I think back to what we were discussing last week on Friday. Did the videoclip reflect any of the thoughts we'd had? As I suggested on R9's blog, it would be interesting to plot the places where our staff comes from - we are quite a diverse group too!

  2. stop being a bully and stand up to those people that are getting bullyed