Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Creation time

This term Room 8 have been investigating mechanisms and how they relate to toys.  Early in the term we blogged about going to MOTAT and you can you read this here.

As a follow up from this we designed then created our own toys.  For this we came up with some class success criteria using our trip experience and what we already know, being kids who play with toys.
Our success criteria was:
  • the toy needed a mechanism
  • it needed to be fun
  • it had to be something we could create
  • it also had to be safe
We entered the design phase, using our art and visual language books to draw and label all the materials that we thought we would need.  Then we had a couple of sessions in class creating.  Through this time we used lots of different skills, creation, collaboration, resilience because our things didn't always work.

Below you can see the toys we created:

Following this, we had an open day with the rest of our syndicate where we invited the rest of the school in to come and learn about our toys, and most importantly have a play.  Finally, we used this information to compare and contrast our toys we have created with ones that we have at home.  It was a really valuable learning experience for all of us.  We would love some positive, thoughtful and helpful comments about this. Please leave us some ideas below.

1 comment:

  1. "Wonderful toys really great to use you must of had fun making them." from Kowhai R11
    "Does your boat float Caroline" from Lavinia R11
    "Very creative using batteries and wires" from Richmond R11