Thursday, April 27, 2017

A fitting end to Term One

At the end of Term One, Waikowhai Primary School held a special assembly to acknowledge ANZAC day. This is because it will happen while we are away from school on our school holiday break.
As you can see, the school hall was set up beautifully by Ms Sands.  A poppy garden was created at the front of the hall.  Children from each class came up to lay poppies in remembrance.  We displayed the crosses honouring fallen soldiers from our ANZAC centenary presentations two years ago at the front of the class.
A group of our Senior students helped by sharing a little bit of information about ANZAC day with younger members of our school community.  We also listened to the last post, observed a minute's silence and used our fabulous singing voices together as a special way to finish of the term.  We then finished the assembly as a syndicate while Ms Sands read us an ANZAC related picture book. You will be able to find this in the sophisticated picture book section of the library.
Room 8 focused on some ANZAC activities during the week.  One of the highlights was the creation of acrostic poems.  Below you can see the shared writing that Room 8 did before we went to create our own from the word bank below.
We would love to hear how you acknowledged ANZAC day.  Please leave us a positive, thoughtful or helpful comment in the comments section below.


  1. Hi Room 8, my name is Ben and I'm in Room 9. I can see beautiful pictures put up about ANZAC Day. I really enjoyed the assembly about ANZAC. Here is my blog link if you want to visit it.

  2. Hello Room 8:) This is Lavinia from Room 9 speaking:) Loving the posts you know!!! The day we had the Anzac Assembly was not sunny, but with your Anzac spirit it is always bright. I felt sad on that day because soldiers spent their lives just for our freedom:( I am also grateful because we are now free because them!!!

  3. Hi my name is Marwa and I am 11 years old and I go to WAIKowhai primary school and I really like your blog Manukau how you put your poppies on the walls and on the ground you have put poppies and I know how it feel when some of the soldiers past away and you can come and check out my blog at

  4. Hi Marwa my name is Lily. I really hoped you enjoyed this post. I will go check out your blog in the spare time. If you have time can you go to my blog...