Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wheels Day

Finally the wet weather that we have been experiencing cleared enough for Waikowhai Primary to have their wheels day fundraiser. This is one of the many planned events we have been working on as we lead up to the senior camp later in the year.  The senior syndicate joined the middle syndicate lock of the day.  We enjoyed all of the different types of wheels we had around the school playground and across the school field.  Check out some of the photos of Room 8 kids in action below.


  1. Hi it's Abby from Room 9,
    look's like you had lot's of fun on Wheel's Day.
    what was your favourite part?
    Hope you are having a great week back at school.

  2. Hi Room 8, my name is Bruno I'm in Room 9 I see you have taken some amazing pictures of when we had Wheels Day. Sucks that it got postponed till later. My favourite part about Wheels Day was getting to ride bikes, scooters and even a pogo stick. What was your favourite part about Wheels Day? If you would like to check out my blog here it is

  3. Hey Room 8, its Shabeera from Room 9. I really like how you guys had cool wheels and also I can tell that you guys had fun on the trolleys that day. I hope you had a great, amazing and fantastic day BYEEEEE :)

  4. Hi its me Sam from Room 9.Looks like you had a lot of fun at the wheels day me and my Friends enjoyed wheels day as well!

  5. hi mr riceman I like how you have a wheels day because our school has a wheels day every Tuesday Thursday Friday go check out my blog