Friday, March 23, 2018

Week 7 - collaborative inquiry presentations

This year, our overall theme is Curiosity.  In Term One and Two we will be using this frame of mind to investigate animals.  Over the past two weeks we have really started to dig into this.

One of our first jobs was to complete a quick write. During this time we listed as many animals as we could.  This helped us to connect to our prior knowledge.  Once we had our list, our teachers challenged us to classify these into groups.  To do this, we had to look at the animals and then make groups by thinking about what they had in common.  We then used the 'Thinking' key competency to justify these reasons. An example from Ama is below.

Following this, we joined together as a syndicate in mixed groups to see what we knew about ten different groups of animals.  We completed a bus stop (with the help of our chromebooks).  The amount of knowledge that we generated was amazing.

The last step of the process was to join together in groups to come up with different ways to share our learning and present the main ideas about the group we had.  Mr Riceman and Mr Rattenbury videoed these.  As you can see from the presentations below, we had lots of choice and created things in our own way.  Have a look and please leave us some positive, thoughtful and helpful comments.


  1. Hi my name is Jackson, from Awahono School. You definitely must of worked hard to find all that information about animals.

  2. HI my name is Hannah from Awahpno school you must of found It hard th find all that information about the anmimals.

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