Friday, April 13, 2018

Week 10 - Visual Art, Kiwiana style

Welcome to week 10!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working on some Kiwiana style visual art, and have also looked at warm and cold colours. We discussed what Kiwiana icons were and decided that the most popular would be; chocolate fish, kiwi bird, tui, fantails, fish and chips, kiwi fruit, jandals and ice cream. By using either warm (red, orange, yellow, pink) or cold (blue, green, purple, black) colours on the background, and the opposite for the Kiwiana icon, this would produce a really cool effect.

Here are some finished pieces that can be seen on the classroom wall in Manukau.

 Jandal by Apollo

 Kiwi by Saleh

 Fantail by Callum

 Chocolate Fish by Cassie


  1. Hi I am Sophie from Awahono School. I like the chocolate fish visual art, it really does look like a fish, Cassie. The patterns in everyone's art are beautiful and colourful. You guys have done a great job with your visual art!

  2. Hi, My name is Jake from Awahono School. I really like your art you've done. I like how you've said all the different colours at the top so it's easier to understand whats going on. What was your favourite part of this art? Keep up the great work!
    kind regards

  3. Hi Waikowhai, Alex here from Awahono School. I like the way you made the cold and warm colours by making the background red, orange, yellow and pink and the picture blue, green, purple and black. (or the other way). What other Kiwiana icons did you think of but didn't use?
    Kind regards

  4. I am Pawanpreet from park estate school
    Room 3 good work i love the art you are doing so good
    i hope you do more cool drawing. have fun and enjoy school.
    by Pawanpreet

  5. from kayle I like your fish,fantail,kiwi it is verey cool and it is quite neat.

  6. hi my name is Boaza i go to park estate school i like the kiwi the Best Bye!!!!!