Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Week 3 - Visiting Author

This morning Waikowhai Primary was lucky enough to have a visiting author join us for some presentations and workshops. We were privileged to spend time with Des Hunt, an author of 'kiwi stories for kiwi kids' that interweave action, science, and the natural world.

The entire senior school enjoyed the knowledge that Des shared with us.  He started by sharing his background, making a connection with us. Des then cleverly used science concepts, specifically chemistry and physics ideas to illustrate the challenges and successes that he has faced during his writing career.  The way that he approached this problem solving was inspiring and you will see the impact this had on some of us as authors by reading our thoughts on our individual blogs.

Following this, 20 of our senior syndicate students participated in a 90 minute workshop with Des Hunt.  We look forward to the impact that this has on their own writing and the sharing of the learning that they can do with the rest of Te Waka Ako.

We would like to thank Des and his wife Lynne for coming to visit and also Mrs Law and Ms Sands for organising the day. We also have a hot dog sale coming up later in the term that you can support that helps us to get more of these exciting opportunities in school.
Ka kite.


  1. hi i like the work you have been doing so go jod room 3

  2. Hi Waikowhai Primary school. It sounds like you had a very fun day. I like the video with the marbles and the rocket. What was your favourite part of the day? From Ryan at Awahono School.

  3. Hi my name is Jackson from Awahono School. Wow that looked interesting. I like the part about the positive charge and the negative charge in the second video.

  4. Hi my name is Hannah from Awahono Shcool.Wow did you enjoy it? I liked the part about the poitive chargs and the negativi vido.
    from Hannah

  5. Hi my name is Emelio,I really liked the video when the silver thing was floating up in the air when Des Hunt used the sword to make the silver thing float in the air and when it gets attracted to Des Hunt body.Come check out my blog at

  6. Hi Manukau learners,
    WOW what a great opportunity to have Des Hunt come and visit your and share his experiences with you. I googled Des Hunt after reading your post and his books look amazing. I am going to look out for them in the schools that I visit and if they don't have them make a suggestion to their school library person. Is there a particular book that you would recommend?