Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week Two - Wild Wacky Wheels and more

What an exciting second week we have had.

 As a class we are making strong strides towards being ready for our individual blogs. On Monday we had a go at creating infographics with the support of James and on Tuesday Mrs Archer from Hay Park School came to help us build up our blog commenting skills. The main theme of these visits was what to share and how we can be positive, thoughtful and helpful. This coming week we will try these skills out as we investigate the other blogs in our Tuhi Mai, Tuhi Atu group.

 Camp is also fast approaching, just over a week to go. Friday was our wild, wacky, wheels day fundraiser. Great fun was had by all as you can see from these photos. We had great fun taking part and we want to make a special thank you to Ms Sands and the leadership team for the smooth way they ran the day!


  1. Hi Room 8.
    My name is Sam from Grey Main school Mamaku.
    wow you're wacky wheels look really fun. I think you're individual blogs will be really cool and unique. Where are you going on camp? Just recently we went to Fox glacier on camp.
    Yours Sincerely.

  2. Hello my name is Jazmine
    I think that it looks so much fun being in your onesies at school and playing on the play grounds. I hope that you guys had lots of fun in your PJ's at school.
    Why were you guys wearing your PJ's at school?

    1. Hi Jasmine, we were having a Wacky Wheels Day, which meant we could bring wheels to play with, but also that we could be 'wacky' with our choice of mufti clothes. Some of us decided that it was wacky to wear our PJs. All of our teachers dressed up too..I'm the DP and I was wearing a cow onesie! Thanks for engaging with our blog :-)

    2. i, my Hi name is Sifa. I like that you are learning about keeping yourself safe. that is are good thing because if someone hurts you can help them.
      From Sifa

  3. hi im Summer
    that look cool we do wheel but not be Wacky I think that is cool we have fun at the end of the team we have a big lunch and the we do acties

  4. Hi room 8
    I love playing with the scooters and bikes. Do you love playing with the scooters? Yes or no.

    I will very want to know, If you want to tell me then make a taly chart and blog it to me one this.



    From Vaidika

  5. Hi Room 8 my name is Vonairay,
    From Hay Park School.I hope you had fun building up your blogs.And it is amazing to see your learning on your class blog.I hope that you will have a good day at commenting on our class blog.Here it is if you want to comment on our blog.

    By Vonairay

  6. Hi room 8
    Wow you guys are excited going on the scooter.One day i will talk to my teacher and see if she will be able to give us permission.
    from Manahal

  7. Hello room 8 I really like your blog I reckon you guys should start updating your guys blog so you can make it more interesting, i came to that same whacky wheels day my favourite part was that everyone was wearing wigs
    yours sencerely Triston.

  8. Hi Lily it’s Zoe I really like your colourful hands with happy words on them. How long did it take to make the hands?

  9. i, my Hi name is Sifa. I like that you are learning about keeping yourself safe. that is are good thing because if someone hurts you can help them.
    From Sifa

  10. hi room 8 i like all the thing you Gus put on camp photos

  11. Thats really cool how you can were your pjs to school how often do you do this. its it like a day of fun at school of something if it was I would be so jelly (that means that you want to do it) we have had to once or twince they are really fun
    If you would like to look at my blog heres a link

  12. That is very cool and plus the pjs and you guys having fun on your scooters